Fire Festival Video

6 minutes

This is a local yearly event. I compressed the day into 6 minutes for Adrionah, who created it all. We may do a shorter cut too.

I was up against it this time. So many issues trying to get good footage. No idea what the dancers were going to do, or where they would move. Or where I should go, since there were hundreds of people sitting there watching. Unable to keep focus in the dark. And the kicker–the wrong frame rate accidentally left over from a previous shoot. Half the shots are 16 frames per second and re-timed to try and make them watchable. That’s why people sometimes move very fast. The unintended benefit was that you get more light and better exposure levels in that dark environment.

Everything that could go wrong did, but I still managed to capture a few decent shots. It’s all experience for the next time. My new web series continues pushing forward, #2G1S.




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