Highs and Lows #2G1S

#2G1S-CARRIE copy


The shoot was magnificent. Sure we struggled, but that’s what makes it so much more fulfilling. On the return ride, the endorphins still swam laps around the bloodstream.

The first take is re-familiarizing. It’s a rote recitation of what had come before.

The second take is alive with character. They have returned, and the scene is really happening.

The third take is shit. The previous two add up to something going off, universally.

The fourth take, we may have something. The uneasiness is out of the system, and we are left with only the immediate situation at hand.

Beyond four is where the magic happens. If the actors are good they know exactly what their characters would do at that moment. I give them all the freedom to come up with something new, anything we hadn’t thought of. After an initial push, the techniical difficulties and such, it’s all down to performance.

Do I believe them? And will you?

… Half of the footage is complete now for the first three webisodes of #2G1S. The title will be explained in due time.





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