Caught by “The Man” filming guerrilla style

#2G1S-EP3-1 copy.jpg


Caught by “The Man” filming guerrilla style.

Actually it helped the performances immensely, since the security guy gave us one take to get the shot, and everybody focused and nailed it in one.

The actors were elevated, tingly. It was a much needed shot in the arm on an otherwise uneventful night of shooting. I was down on the way episode three was progressing. The lead actress rejected a major plot moment–leaving me with zip. Like, what the hell else do we do here? It was a moment of pure cinematic terror, from a writer/director standpoint. The scene was suddenly downgraded from a major point of interest to: I still don’t know if it’s salvageable as something.

Then we headed off to the next location. The bickers were audible.

I started shooting straight off, working the camera myself, as the camera guy was doing his cameo bit inside a car, as a character. My dread was in simply keeping the main character in focus as I CAN’T FUCKING SEE!!! So I had to guesstimate distances as we moved around the parking lot.

Then a kid in an orange t-shirt and black disc wedged in his earlobe came and stood next to me.

“Uhh. What are you doing?” I said. Ready to film the big shot, this strange guy had suddenly taken up residence right behind me.

“What are you doing?” he said, with that air of eight dollar an hour security detail.

“Making a movie, obviously,” I said.

“On my property, with no permit, no notificaiton…” Blah blah blah.

His “property?” The 22-year-old orange t-shirt dude? Hardly.

Anyway, he fed us the standard lie about the police already being on the way, but we had one take to finish up and get out of Dodge.

And this spooked my actors, and myself admittedly, that we nailed the shot, which will appear as the opening of episode 3, #2G1S…


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