Morgan – My Review



For a film that’s 75% an imitation of Ex Machina it’s not so bad. I guess we’re at that point of acceptance of AI robots coming to haunt our futures. It seems so inevitable that only the details remain unsettled.

They took it seriously as most of these attempt to do, excepting Lucy.


And I found out in the end credits that Morgan was little Witch Anya-Taylor Joy. How could I not have recognized her?

So they did something right. I’ll not say what it was. If you’re inundated with these AI films already you may be too burned out to appreciate the subtle differences. It does prompt a few ideas about limiting intelligence to certain areas of operations, rather than allowing expansive cognitive development–freedom.


So chew on that, and lock up your IPhones before they come for you in your sleep. Be assured someone is watching, collecting, waiting.





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