Midnight Showing??? #2G1S


Okay, like ohmagod.

The TV series that I conjured up, pitched, cast, wrote, produced and edited, and promoted, may go live at midnight. Who knows? Only Amazon.

There are 80 million people worldwide with Prime. I’m hoping that others will be able to watch if they agree to watch an ad first, but that may be a US only option. I’ll find out everything tomorrow, the official release date.

I’ve told you about the story. I also wrote a piece about the filming, which will appear at a film blog, maybe next week. I’ll let you know. This is very exciting.

The first three episodes set up the show. You’ll need to watch all three to get it.

Episode 4 is written, and a couple of scenes already shot. Now all this pressure weighs to go over it line by line and take it to the next level. Suddenly we have an international presence: UK, Germany, Japan, North America.

There’s an old saying about TV being like having sex with a gorilla. You don’t stop when you want to . You stop when the gorilla wants to. Welcome to my monkey house.




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