The Story of Chess


Chess is the game of kings, literally. It’s war, but not the long-distance imperial drone war you people ignore today. This is war where the two sides are exactly equivalent, and the opponent is indeed coming for you.

In chess you jump from character to character constantly. A knight may attack, or protect at a distance. If you skillfully invade with a knight and a queen (as I did tonight) you throw your opponent into total disarray. Everything he had planned prior crumbles, as you wreak havoc on his king.


The chess player becomes the queen, the bishop and the pawn. If he’s smart he respects the capabilities of each and every one of them. Some may seem disposable, but their efforts bring strategic results.

Aside from the indifference of a game player to the lives of his subjects, chess instructs you to observe your enemy’s trade-offs. For each gain he sacrifices something. To protect one, he abandons another. His aggression leaves undefended someone, somewhere.


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