Going #Viral



The Internet is so crazy. You never know what is going to take. I posted this Bad Lip Reading Inauguration video a couple of hours ago, and already it’s probably the most successful post in the blog’s history.

How did this happen?

Simple. Diane Ravitch liked it and reposted it to her own blog! Diane is a heroine and a leader fighting for the future of public education in America. She has a lot of followers, and she writes regularly on Common Core and the assault by politically connected, for-profit Charter Schools.

So thanks, Diane.

I suppose a lot of prior work went into establishing and promoting this blog in the first place, so that an influential person like Diane would come across the post at all. Much grunt work, and a whole lot of luck that this morning everybody wants to watch a well-done mockery of Donald J. Trump’s coronation.

While I have you here: don’t let Greg Palast’s investigation of voter purges drop down the Memory Hole. If nothing is done about this we will become a one-party fascist dictatorship. I am not exaggerating in the slightest.


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