Green Room – My Review



The Blue Ruin guy returns with more gritty genre-bending indie magic.

When tossed into the world of a band you expect to hear falseness, touristy bullhsit dialogue. It’s the norm. It’s why most of those films flunk.

I have played in a couple bands, and been around some scummy locations. And I bought into the world here, just as I bought in on the previous film Blue Ruin. Jeremy Saulnier has street cred, even on a $5 mil. project casting Captain Picard as a Nazi!


Yes, you read that right. Patrick Stewart is the bad guy, and there is no way in hell I would have dreamed of casting him as such. Just because he’s bald doesn’t translate to backwoods Oregon white supremacist. That detail might have cost the film a bit, as it’s hard to get over familiarity with his face and voice and accent.

Suprisingly, the blonde wound up being the gorgeous Imogen Poots, whom I didn’t recognize once. I had no idea who she was, nor even that she would figure so prominently into the plot. That twisting made up for the other casting issue.

I didn’t recognize Anton Yelchin either. This winds up being his final movie. Shame that.

So Nazis. Yeah, they’re back. This time they’re American, flying in the face of any American values you might come across in the Bill of Rights. The real ones, I mean, from the current political madness. They’re out there, and so it is a bit satisfying to see them taken out… if that’s what happens in the film…

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