Siren – My Review

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I liked it, but I’m shallow enough to love any movie with a naked girl terrorizing the land. There’s something bigger than life about a bloodthirsty naked woman that transcends normal reality. Viva Siren.

This is a pulpy b-movie, with a bachelor party, a crew of dudes, and a freak show underground club out of Eyes Wide Shut or probably closer to From Dusk Til Dawn. It’s got all its genre bases covered, but still manages to push it up a notch.

I could nitpick just a couple of dialogue miscues, or the blatant digital effects thrown in to simulate mushrooms. Should have been optical, a lost art. Needless to say I would have done it with a bit more subtlety, nuance and analog feel, even on my home PC. And I’m deadly serious on that point. Just say no to hamfisted playing with digital drugged-out effects. We can tell. It’s cheap.


But there’s more to Siren than that. You can feel the allegorical underpinnings, the sexual tension of this ritual as it plays out. Bachelor parties are a low point, often a sad, disgraceful affair. I’ve been to a couple; enough said.

With Siren thrown in as a wild card, we have a very interesting situation, a fantastic second act that delivers. So I have to recommend it for you deviant freaks out there.

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