Writing a Song



Actually, I’m recording a song that I’ve written over about the past 3 years. Today I put down a bass track for the demo. I have to check it yet, and see how clean the sound came out. There’s an awful hiss coming through, and that complicates things.

The electric doesn’t go as low as a bass, of course, but it’s good enough to demonstrate the song and have it exist in the real world. It needs to go from two-dimensional chicken scratch on scrap paper to a four-dimensional (or is it more?) stereo recording. Is each instrument track an additional dimension? Is that one reason we gravitate toward music? It introduces us to multi-dimensional worlds that are otherwise difficult to experience?

My song is about heartbreak and persistence. It’s a metaphor, of course, and I’ll probably post it here when I’m done.  Funny it has some country music themes and vibe at the beginning, but I can’t stand most country music. It’s an enigma.





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