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Title: Radio Wave

I’m publishing this here today after recording a halfway decent demo. It’s a sad song, very personal, but I’m getting the hang of mixing, compression, eq. This is the first song I’ve written in a lot of years, and so I needed to get it out there and progress.

There’s something magical about studio recording, where you have multiple channels to add sounds you had never thought of before, counterpoints, harmonies, etc. Possibilities are infinite, and you have to rein it in and get back on track to the original intent.

Maybe a different #vocalist will take it to the next level.

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Copyright 2017 Joe Giambrone
Words and Music
Licensing available.

Said a lot a words on her way out
Numerous smiles and no more shouts
And now I’m alone…

Put all my eggs in her basket
Fantasies never could last
Sleepin alone,
in a shell of a home …I was

Drifting through time,
Counting seconds to the end of the line
Hoping to find … somethin.
…Now I’m
Shot into space
Toward that ultimate place
Where the hell am I goin?
Where the hell are we goin?
Like a radio wave
Like a radio wave
…Shooting through space and time
Like the echoes in your mind
Like a radio wave
Searching everywhere to be played
Fading memories to be saved
Like a radio wave…
She drove a long way just to get out
Phone her now and then just to shout out
…But she ain’t comin around
I’m in the lost and found
Like a radio wave
Sailing out of the milky way
…From the human race
Lost forever in the depths of space
Like a radio wave
Like a radio wa-a-ave
Cast out in the vacuum of space
Subtle vibrations leave a trace
Like a radio wave
Just a radio wave
Still flyin at the speed a light
Still flyin.
Like a radio wave
Just a radio wave

Gm7 F Am7x2
Gm F Am C(Gbass)

Eb Bb Csus4 (pick:)Ebsus4 Csus4

(Dcoubles) Gm7 F Am Cm7

Bb F C/G5 G5
Bb F Ebsus4 UP Fsus4

lead: Gm7 F Am7 Csus4
Gm7 F C
Gm7 F C.

Dm… x4

Bb F C Am
Bb F Eb F
Bb F Csus4 Am
Bb F Eb F
Bb F C Am
Bb F Eb F

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