#scifi #PROMPTS 110: Announcement


Did you even know the Chinese were driving drones around the moon?




There is way too much going on these days for just one prompt per week. I’m going to have to up the ante and dump a load of stories. I have a backlog of links I’ve been collecting, and half the time I just grab what I saw on Facebook that day.


Part of why humans are rapidly growing obsolete is this Moore’s Law of expanding volumes of information. We simply aren’t built to remember that kind of data.


It’s a full-time job just to remain partially in the game. So, I’ll have to dump a bunch of knowledge on your asses with this new #PROMPTS concept. Take it or leave it.

So, that’s enough for now. No need to overdose. Yes, humanity is headed toward, what Ozzyman lovingly describes as, “destination fucked.”

Meanwhile, my Demigods story is stuck in novella territory, 36-37k words. We shall see where that heads, as I also turn my attention back to Wrecking Balls to kick that one out the door once and for good.

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