Ghost in the Shell – My Review


I think anyone doing science fiction today needs to see this film just to be familiar with the state of the art in cyber-action-thrillers.

This was a pretty well-done version, some improvements over the original. The final set piece was a bit lesser than the anime though. Could have been drawn out and brought more of the feelies.

I suppose I’ll need to address the hate-fest against casting Scarlett, who did a very good job. But until China, Korea, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines start casting blacks and Caucasians in the lead roles of their big movies, I really don’t think I should bother. #getoverit


Exposition is the bane of the science fiction genre. There is almost always too much explaining, and there is here. But the opposite can be just as problematic, as the original perhaps didn’t insert enough marker posts to keep it comprehensible. Result: I like this version better since it was so much easier to follow.

They are both very cold and violent, with no value to human life at all. That usually bothers me, the cheapening of life on screen, which is the Hollywood staple. Hollywood sells violence to children and should be blamed for it. It is a major component of a decadent culture of apathy and belligerence.


But the film also had redeeming qualities. The future will have our brains preserved in machines, no doubt about it, excluding nuclear holocaust or an asteroid. This was Robocop’s plight. Very similar situations, but Ghost is a far more lush Blade Runner neon world. The photography and the effects show an environment miles beyond the previous decades’ renditions.

Needless to say, you can’t please everyone. And such a cold, brutal society is hard to love. It is what it is, and judging by the trailers that preceded the showing: you could do so much worse.

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