Train to Busan – My Review



There’s too many zombies on this muthafuckin’ train.

I have to admit I liked this Korean zombie soap opera. It’s over the top, and they shmaltz it up such that you feel like you’re in a 70s disaster movie of the week. Painful at times, but there’s still a hardcore zombiepocalypse that unfolds nicely.


With every cliche trope, and then some, Train to Busan brings the distant father who has to save the daughter. He’s a selfish prick who has to learn to care about others. It’s got people sacrificing left and right to save people from the flesh chompers, but zombies gotta eat, fool.


Still quite a bit better than so many zombie films I saw, including most Walking Dead, which seems to have given up being about zombies as of Season 3. It’s got a by-the-numbers quality, definitely written by committee, but some good moments nonetheless.

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