Hacksaw Ridge – My Review


Gibson is a hell of a filmmaker. This will go on my all-time list of best war movies. It’s such a unique, character-driven story that everyone should see.

Usually I avoid religious-themed material–unless it’s a true story–as this is. The difference between truly religious people acting on their convictions and the fantastical propaganda of simpletons is day and night.


Hacksaw Ridge is horrific, brutal, and should bring a couple tears by the end. Gibson wisely begins the story at home and sets up the characters in a way that the audience would care about. Before the war there is enough meat on the bone to sustain the narrative. For that reason the film rises above the glut. Not only is the story true, but it approaches super-human.

hacksaw-ridge-screen1 (1).webp

Naturally I’m disinclined to give spoilers. This is one of the best films I’ve seen in a year, and it remains authentic throughout. Despite being highly influenced by religious ideas, and with Gibson’s own fundamentalist mindset, the war is brought to life with blunt viciousness and unimaginable sacrifice. It was truly well done, and on the epic scale it deserved.


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