Boys and the Girls: Best Bands by Decade

First the boys…


The Beatles – Was this a surprise? So prolific and so variable, there is only one sane choice for this spot.


Queen / Floyd / Bowie? – Well God Damn, I’m in hot water already. Until this moment I was going to hand it to Steely Dan, with an apology to my cousin. But, with further inspection it is all but impossible to decide. How could some pretentious blogger downgrade one god to prop up the other? It’s an impossible and torturous situation. We have them all, and so that will have to suffice.


INXS – The most solid, consistent, mature beyond their years band of the era, hands down.

Another tough choice, but it should rightly go to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Another prolific monster, still creating today, after many personnel changes.

Porcupine Tree. Period.

By now I should have a handle on the state of modern music, but alas it is not the case. I’m gonna need some help.

And now the girls…


The name that kept creeping in was Janis. Who could topple the queen? Janis and the Holding Company.


Heart. These sisters showed us that feminine hard rock was not only real, but could achieve heights the boys could only imagine.


This was a tough one indeed. It needed to be a talented songwriter with staying power, not some two-hit wonders. Could I justify giving it to Cyndi Lauper, Pat Benatar? Or perhaps Joan Jett? Fleetwood Mac was still alive and kicking. No. She needed to really change music in the process: Annie Lennox and the Eurythmics.


Sarah McLachlan is my one true love.


Alison Goldfrapp elbowed out the other girls and claimed her place in music history. Unflinching always, she’s my secret girlfriend; I’m sure of it. Don’t tell Sarah.


Well here we are again, and I never see things in real time. I’ll have to sit back and acclimate. Who is today’s diva they’ll be writing about in a century? Who should it be?


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