Ghostbusters 2017 – My Review

ghostbusters-full-new-img (1).jpg

The people behind this latched onto the cheesy one-liners from the original and thought they could build characters chock full of non-stop cheesy one-liners. It fails painfully.

It’s sort of sacreligious to root against the Ghostbusters, but they’re so annoying, so stupid, so obvious in their mindless pandering to the lowest common denominator that you can’t root for them to succeed either. It’s more of a passing by a car wreck on the side of the interstate.


I tried to give the new Ghostbusters the benefit of the doubt, but they repeatedly spit nonsense in my face hoping for a cheap laugh. The cheapness of the gags kills it, not in monetary terms mind you, but in the dearth of intelligence. I suspect they tried, but–in the name of pleasing everyone–the Hollywood meat grinder will shove every kind of trash into the compactor and smoosh it together until it ends up pleasing no one. Tired old story, and a good argument against all these exploitative, unnecessary reboots. Let it go (here’s looking at you Robocop!).



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