So, I had that icky feeling that I wasn’t writing enough today. There’s the old adage to write every day. Butt in chair, etc. I take that to mean write fiction. Well, no fiction today, but tons of marketing bullshit, which is all I can remember at this point of the night.

I just came off of Wrecking Balls, a two-year project. And The Scousers, with months of editing and rewriting and pitching it to agents for me mum. And Demigods, a superhero fantasy novella that started as a screenplay. Plus all the nagging at agents, who are quite useless to me so far. They don’t touch novellas, of course.

Add a bunch of short stories, only one of which found any traction at all. So that’s a shit ton of fiction and creative non-fiction, and yet I still feel like I’m lagging? And I filmed a web series not too long ago, wrote a comedy feature script to produce right here in town, and have another web series on the front burner! Plus another solo short film for kicks.

Writing sucks.

If’s fucking miserable. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. If you can do something else, do it.

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