Damned Kindle Bugs #Amazon #KDP

V2-COVER copy

The Byzantine daymare of e-book formatting is way more of a pain in the ass than it should be. This is a massive business, Amazon. How about some user-friendliness? You know, the users who make you millions of dollars? Can’t be bothered?

I wasted an entire day trying to get a book (that’s been a book for three years) to simply look like a book again through their meat grinder.

Open Office, which is available to the entire world for free, should be compatible with their formatting. It has all the functions. Their conversion software just doesn’t like it very much. I remember that it didn’t play nice with Word either, same kinds of issues.

So you have to tweak and use other formats like html…

p {

This is the code to get rid of unwanted and unnecessary extra space between paragraphs. Plus, you have to search and replace through the html document in a text editor to alter any other paragraph margins that are other than zero.

Forget about drop caps lining up in any kind of pleasing way. They are gone.

After ten hours of trial and error, my eyesight dying, the 2nd edition of  Transfixion was ready to publish. I threw it into the “Kindle Select” circus, which will no-doubt require another post.



Wrecking Balls

It’s a comedy novel. Only $2.99.

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