Beast – My Review



Beast was a top-notch psychological drama, the kind they don’t make in America these days. It’s told from Moll’s perspective, and so a female story that gets its hands dirty.

Girls tend to fall for the bad boys, but this one may be beyond bad. A string of murders haunts the island, young girls suffocated. When Moll gives herself to Pascal she gives him the benefit of the doubt and lies.




Now that she’s his alibi, all the pressure of the island comes down on her. Already unstable, she begins losing her mind. She’s completely in love, but there is that sliver of doubt that she cannot be sure if she’s made the right decision. Along the way, she becomes stronger and more violent, ready to fight for Pascal’s innocence.

Such strong performances and kinetic storytelling. This is another must-see and worth its own review.



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