Mandy – My #Review


Of course, you need more gonzo batshit Nick Cage in your life, or else why are you reading?

I have to say this is the most psychedelic movie I can remember. The visuals really kicked it up a notch. After a deliberately slow opening, the world becomes trance-like for the rest of the running time. The camera work is mind-bending, and the saturated colors are pushed to the breaking point. They really went all out on the atmospherics.


The director, Panos, came right out and said he doesn’t care so much about the story. He’s obsessed with the visuals. This pegs his first film, Beyond the Black Rainbow, too. The visuals draw you in, but the story could have used just that much more oomph. I like the guy. He’s great with visual trickery, a master, but simple stories aren’t as fulfilling as we expect.


So, it’s a revenge horror thriller. I usually dislike those because they’re a formula, an atrocity to set up the big bad white male on a killing spree. So, we get a rampage against the cult and their demon sidekicks. There is an escalating series of gory killings, and even a chainsaw fight. Be thankful only one. It’s such an oddball film, motives never very clear nor the rules that the demons live and die by. But, where else are you going to get full-blown Nicholas Cage versus biker demon monsters?

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