Gemini – My Review

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A stylish crime drama with an anti-climactic finish.

This one should have hit it out of the park. It’s an L.A. movie-business story with a murder, very old Hollywood, classic setup. The lead actress is fine in this Hitchcock styled wrongfully accused plot.


But some issues creep in, mainly the one-dimensionality of the supporting characters, and even of the main characters. We don’t get much other than the current plot points. There are plenty of red herrings, but little elucidation.

The ending, though, is where the air leaks out. They could and should have delivered something from her character, but it winds up far more mundane than the preceding 80 minutes would lead one to assume. They didn’t place enough emphasis on the character’s journey, and she winds up going essentially nowhere. That seems to be the big flaw in Gemini. They forgot to finish the story.



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