Sorry to Bother You – My Review



Eschewing subtlety, like the film, let’s get into it. This appeared to be a kind of comedic Wolf of Black Street, and it is. But, I wasn’t entirely convinced that the people behind this film actually believed their own anti-capitalist messages. Without faith in the storytellers, it’s an uphill watch.

The narrative features an odd conflation of whiteness with capitalist oppression. Fine and well, except that’s just not reality. White people are screwed by the system too, and people of color can thrive in it if they abandon morality like their caucasian capitalist brethren.


It’s a raw film that’s mired in racial revolutionary rhetoric as well as anti-capitalist notions of modern slavery and immoral weapons sales to whomever will buy.


The key to it all is the white voice–literally–the black actors’ voices are overdubbed with comedians David Cross and Patton Oswalt. They, in the end, purport to oppose these newly invented notions of worker slavery and war for profit.

However, both these gentlemen politically supported Hillary Clinton: Oswalt went so far as to campaign for her.


I suppose I could do the next 1,000 words on Hillary Clinton’s many unnamed victims strewn across the charred remains of the third world, but weapons sales, war for profit, deceit, Wall Street money, Hillary Clinton is still the reigning queen!

It makes the viewing of Sorry to Bother You rather conflicted at the least. Who are you to preach at me?


Beyond the political realities, the narrative relies on an evil whitey, personified by Arnie Hammer. This Blaxploitation approach is a bit dated, post Barack Obama and his two terms at the helm of the empire.

I’ve been mulling over the film for a week now. It does a few things right. It has its comic moments and even a sci-fi twist you won’t see coming. The film does continue to bother me for the above stated reasons, however. Sorry, but Sorry to Bother You is telling yesteryear’s cliches, and it’s so over the top it makes The Purge seem nuanced and considered.

Your mileage will vary.




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5 thoughts on “Sorry to Bother You – My Review

  1. I haven’t seen the movie, but this was an excellent review. I will have to check it out. But I think Oswalt was a staunch supporter of Bernie Sanders though and only started supporting Hillary to try and keep Trump out of the White House. I agree with you that Hillary is nearly as corporate as Trump. but I don’t think Oswalt is.

  2. I haven’t seen it, either. The trailer looks pretty funny. I have to say I think it’s a mistake to confuse the art and the artist, though. Whatever your feelings about Oswalt and his personal political affiliations, he is playing a role, a part of a role even (presumably written by someone else) and is only a small part of someone else’s vision.

    Mel Gibson isn’t exactly someone I was to sit down and have tea with, but he’s made some excellent movies. For that matter, Hemingway was a bit of a prick, as far as I understand it, but he did a fine bit of writing in his lifetime.

    I can’t say how accurate the review is without seeing the movie, but my feeling is that Oswalt’s voice as a character shouldn’t be confused with Oswalt himself. I’m curious how your review would have been different if it had been someone else, or if the MC did his own “white” voice (I’m imagining Eddie Murphy’s stand up here)?

    Thanks for the review, though. I’ll add it to my never ending “to watch” list!

    • There’s more to it than “confusing” the art and the artist. This is a political statement, political art, propaganda. Whether the people saying it genuinely mean it or are simply manipulating the audience for profit is a large part of the story.

      • Oh, okay. That doesn’t come across in the trailer at all. I thought it was unusual umbrage to take in a film review. Carry on, then!

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