#NASA #FAIL – The Greatest Negligence & Incompetence in All of Human History



If we’re incinerated this Christmas, I’d like everyone to give a knowing nod and say, “Yeah, we fucking deserved it.” There’s no plan. There’s no response. There’s no mission. Bruce Willis is not going to do shit, except be killed off with the rest of us.

NASA has done nothing whatsoever to counter the most significant–and obvious–threat to our planet. They love their toys, but they haven’t protected humanity at all. At all.

Asteroid terror: NASA spot mammoth space rock to hit Earth’s orbit five days before X-mas


AN ASTEROID the size of the World Trade Centre is on a dangerous Earth-bound orbit that could see the rock smash the planet during Christmas festivities.


The asteroid, known as 216258 2006 WH1, is set for its closest approach to Earth on December 20 – just days before Christmas. The 540 metre space rock is the same size as the World Trade Centre and would cause a significant amount of damage and mass extinction.


Even Armageddon, the big silly asteroid movie with the Hollywood ending, is over 20 years old, and still there’s no response to planetary threats. Everyone in any tangential relationship with a space agency knows all about the big rock threat. But, they’ve done nothing useful to counter it to date. This is the only valid use of our tax money right now. Until they solve the problem where one rock wipes us all out they have no business doing anything else with their pet project ego-driven curiosities.

Intelligence in one area doesn’t translate over to other areas I’m afraid. You can have a lot of smart people acting so stupidly we all get exterminated out of negligence.





Demigods are here.

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