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So, what is the greatest album of the 2010s?

I’m going to stick with Goldfrapp’s Tales of Us until someone can convince me otherwise.

The first time I listened to Tales of US all the way through, I was devastated. The final note jolts out, and it’s like the seal of perfection. Each song tells a story. Alison’s voice rings true and pure with her trademark breathy sensuality.

I didn’t know so many of those songs were from that album, as I’d heard them on Radio Paradise in other contexts.

She went back in time to the film noir 1950s, 40s, where a motion picture symphony awaits to pounce whenever needed. Taken together, the songs all connect with a similar vibe, like a concept album.

Many are reinterpreted novels she’d read. The final track, Clay, is famously taken from a series of letters Alison came across from the second world war.

Tales of Us is a surprisingly serious album, and I haven’t heard another in its league over these past ten years.



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