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So, I watched a rock and roll documentary about Liam Gallagher. I wasn’t a fan of Oasis; they didn’t make the cut of my unforgettable music playlist; neither did a lot of other bands. I only really knew one or two of their songs–which weren’t in the movie!

The Gallagher brothers had a serious falling out, and the band imploded. The other brother, Noel, apparently has rights to all the Oasis stuff. The film suffers, having little music we recognize and filling in with other artists, even opera singers at times. It’s kind of a mess.

The story was a predictable rock star triumph, then the fall, then the comeback kid. Liam was an abrasive, arrogant brat, kind of a Donald Trump of the British pop scene with his unnecessary provocations.

Now, the one scene that saved this film is a SPOILER, and it goes like this. We never did learn exactly why the lads had their fight and stopped talking to each other. Eventually, Liam, now mid 40s, returns home and gives the tour to the film crew. Upstairs is a bedroom that the two boys shared, and he recounts their antics, Noel’s stereo, jumping out windows, blasting the neighborhood with speakers, drinking, and drugs.

Well, there was a bathroom connected to the room. One night, Liam stumbled over and accidentally pissed all over Noel’s stereo.

He says, “That’s what probably started the grudge.”

Can you imagine? That never went away. Even though they were touring the world, top selling albums, stadiums, there was always that stereo. These things never die.


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