Gaga: Five Foot Two – Review

Now on Netflix streaming we have an exceptional look into Stefani Germanotta’s life. Right before she starred in A Star is Born, it is centered on her Super Bowl Halftime Show performance. If you haven’t seen it, it’s not in the movie, but it is here:



This is arguably the boldest, most audacious, mind-blowing musical performance in American history. No one else has even shown the guts to attempt such a thing. It defies words. From the opening moments to the very final second, she fiercely goes for broke–all or nothing. I get misty-eyed just typing about it.

The first time I heard Gaga, I could tell she was a cut above the one-hit pop stars that litter the Top 40 airwaves. Her voice is so damned strong, it wraps around your face and says you’re gonna listen to me, muthafuckas. Who knew she had so much in her? She probably should have won the Oscar that year as well. I now consider her a national treasure in a land with so few.

The Five Foot Two film does start off rather subdued, a little slow, in order to climax in such a flashy way later on. You’ll need to give it some time. The crowd montage scene alone is worth the ticket price.




But Gaga has a secret weapon, and that weapon is pain and suffering. She’s got physical injuries that instantly connected with me, as I do as well. I know the helpless feeling of torn structural pieces that can spasm and leave you unable to function. Her pain is real, chronic, and yet she pushes herself to the limits of performance. The risk therefore is enhanced, and her Superbowl show could at any point have gone right off the rails. It is frankly insane what she did and pulled off flawlessly.




That’s what Superstars do, the Bowies, the Freddies, the Alison Goldfrapps of the world. They remind us how much more there is to reach for. So, this is a must-see.


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