Little Women (2018) – Review



Greta Gerwig has amassed quite a bit of experience in front and behind the camera. She’s now got a great sense of when to compress the slow bits into a montage, and then to rehearse and bring the big dramatic moments to life. This retelling has such wide cinematic scope and grandeur that it may be the best version ever.


A couple of odd cuts at the start jump about randomly, but sins are quickly forgiven. The style deliberately cuts back and forth from kids to adults and back. There are apparently two volumes, where situations are established and then resolved eight years later. The film flips back and forth quite a bit to keep it moving. It also adds in some real life, slices of the author that aren’t in the books.

There is also much energy, movement, and life. Surprising characters aren’t what you’d expect, and the final chapters do bring the feels. It’s also about a writer and the struggle for art and freedom. This is a poignant family film for all ages.


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