Terminator Dark Fate – Review


Reuniting Arnold and Sarah Connor, this film wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Not high praise, but come on: we’re on T5 now, and the previous couple were less than inspiring.

The story takes a giant leap back to the beginning to rekindle the magic that launched the series. A girl is targeted for termination by time-travelling killer robots, because she holds the key to the future.


Enter Mackenzie Davis, who shows up in everything these days! So, what’s a spoiler and what isn’t at this point? Hmmm. They went to some lengths to keep the players a mystery for as long as possible.

A couple of problems poked out at me. Not enough build-up for the Sarah/John Connor scene. The director opted for a fancy digital transition instead, rather than characterization. Later, the airplane sequence is so over the top it’s almost comical. When James Cameron directed these things, the action was usually grounded in what’s plausible. The new way is to ignore that and just keep things jumping so quickly your eyes can’t even follow them.


Follow that up with a bit of predictability, and I’d rate this in the 3.5/5 star range, but then again I’m jaded and sick of it all.



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