JoJo Rabbit – Review

This is one of those unique mindfuck films that you don’t know what to make of. It begins in a very twisted, satirical way, making light of the Hitler pop sensation. Then the main character winds up being a Nazi, a fanatical Nazi kid in the Hitler Youth who converses with imaginary Hitler much of the time. That part was probably obvious from any trailers.

It ends up being kind of brilliant, and as the plot progresses it becomes even more of a tense, psychological assault. We know it doesn’t end well for the Nazis, but what about this handful of players?

This is a one-of-a-kind film that people should see. They play amusingly with many aspects of Naziism, showing the absurdity of the followers. As it evolves, the horrors come into view, and the characters are elevated to almost mythical status.

I paused before reviewing this movie, as it may be seen as controversial and not welcomed for its artistic license. I’ve been censored and punished at Facebook, repeatedly, for simply commenting on WW2 issues.

But this is one for the Radically Different Cinema series.

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