Among the Malignorant



  1. Maliciously ignorant.
  2. Deliberately ignorant and belligerent toward the informed.

“The malignorant Karen attacked the expert, and her bot-like squad cheered her on.”

See Also:
smugnorant, FUD (fear uncertainty doubt), disinformation

I coined the term malignorant about a decade ago, but I didn’t bang on about it. The term is clearly where we are right now as a species.

It’s all malignorance all the time out there on the Interwebs. Shame died centuries ago. The truth died on 9/11/01. The rest is noise from talking-point spewing drones.

If even ten percent of Americans today could think for themselves, I’d be fricking amazed. I’m starting to get the vibe of those ancient Roman historians.

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