My own Fear & Loathing in Atlantic City

Last night was different, a horror movie vibe come to life. While I cannot get into details, due to personal circumstances, I may fictionalize it later.

But here are some of the highlights.

The parking garage of the Tropicana is a dirty, winding, uneven labyrinth straight from the mind of Kubrick. If you want to film a car chase/action sequence, definitely scout it out. The danger pops from the environment. Even with the driver calmed down a notch, the perils of those bumps, hairpin turns, and low concrete ceilings swallow you whole.

The good news is that the Tropicana’s Motown show was excellent, fantastic musicians, great song selections. The night kept giving. Scene-stealing side characters presented themselves, overflowing with personality. I could not have cast it better nor written better dialogue for them. All I needed was a helmet-camera, and this thing was mesmerizing. I cannot mention the main characters and the actual horror plot, but the scene was larger than life, the milieu, the town, and our little struggle.

But, I needed to get out of there, make my break and race to the karaoke bar in a precious window of opportunity. Yadda yadda, here are my songs. They were well-received, and it was a great time, although pricey.

The INXS song blew that room away. I have been practicing daily all summer and building confidence. I think I’m ready. I’ve now sung in San Francisco and Atlantic City. Is New York the logical next move?

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