The Man in the High Castle

Philip K. Dick: "The Man in the High Castle" book cover on Behance

When last I mentioned the show, there was only one season to comment on, but now it has expanded and done the entire story. Such intensity, America ruled by the Nazis to the east and the Japanese to the west, this naturally carries tension throughout every scene. It’s mentally taxing, not least of which because we become more of a Reich each year in our real dystopia.

The Man in the High Castle season 2 is the worst TV show of the year - Vox

P.K. Dick was a genius and a titan. The depth that he plumbed the daily operation of fascism is humbling. Now I wish I had read the book. But once you start, you have to push through. What a world, this is the show America needs to watch right now. An added bonus is J. Edgar Hoover still at the top of US domestic intelligence slithering seamlessly into a good Nazi.

The middle of the country is a free-for-all lawless zone, what’s left of America and its ethos. There’s also a monkey wrench thrown in, a multi-verse of other worlds, some where America won the second world war.

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The story is such a great payoff. Not least of which because the lead Nazi ascends through the ranks to the top of the pyramid. Juliana Crane, the resistance leader, is a real treasure. It’s so taut and definitely must-see.

(On Amazon Prime, which is why I just caught up now.)

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