This is how the world ends in fire.

It’s been some time since I said, “Fuck Facebook.”

There are some deeply disturbing precedents being set here.

  1. A corporation gets to decide what you’re allowed or not allowed to say. This is the obvious part, but look how they choose to go about it.
  2. It’s been labelled as “violence and incitement.” False claims of violence. False claims of incitement.
  3. They have made talking about the culpability of the people in the “West” for their myriad wars and support for wars VERBOTEN.
  4. They have also given me no actual way to “disagree with the decision.”

The meme itself is painfully true, but we’re not allowed to speak plainly about it…

Nearly 90 Percent of the World Isn’t Following Us on Ukraine

I guess no one is allowed to say why!

West is out of touch with rest of world politically, EU-funded study admits

Careful, or Zuck’s not gonna like it.

If I was instead cheering for Nazis, then Jon Stewart would probably pin a medal on me, and Stephen King would be my friend.

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