JOE GIAMBRONE is a freelance journalist, author, and filmmaker with articles at International Policy Digest, Foreign Policy Journal, WhoWhatWhy, Counterpunch, High Times, OpEdNews and numerous other sites.

In 2009, he launched the Political Film Blog to keep track of links to unpopular–yet crucial–news stories mixed with filmmaking-related content, plus movie reviews.


His first released novel was Hell of a Deal: A Supernatural Satire and is about Hollywood, its morality and its influence over the soul of the nation.

Next, he wrote Transfixion, which is a War and Peace for the next generation of readers.

Wrecking Balls took a sharp turn into the brick wall of a comedy club stage.

Next came Demigods, an indie–no holds barred–look at Superheroes and alternative histories leading to the present day.

The Scousers is a non-fiction family story about World War Two, which was written in partnership with Doreen Doyle-Giambrone: his mother. This emotional ride has proven to be his most successful literary product to date.

Short Stories at Wattpad.



#2G1S (Two Girls One Stiff) is a web series that was unable to progress after episode three, and it streams at Amazon Prime Video.

The Container won top honors in the one-minute category at the 2011 Sundial Film Festival.

The Real Reason You Should Recycle is another one-minute film that won a prize at BMCUser as well as top honor at Sundial.

Exulto played at Sundial, and it is a one-person only production.

Serial is a short dark comedy filmed in partnership with ARTS, the Anderson-Redding-Tehama-Scholarship Theater.

Several documentaries produced for Shasta Community Access Channel won awards at the 2019 WAVE Awards Festival.