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……….A mysterious weapon invades every screen, and society is instantly thrown into chaos. Kaylee Colton’s life is devastated when her brother is infected by the mind weapon and he attempts to kill her, after stabbing their mother.
……….Kaylee flees from her house but finds that she too has been damaged by the mind weapon. She can no longer speak. Her once peaceful neighborhood explodes into total war.
……….Escaping the bloodshed, Kaylee slowly loses her mind as she hides out in an abandoned home. She then learns that a resistance has formed at the local high school, and she accompanies a strange boy to join in the fight.
……….Transfixion tells the struggle between militarism and pacifism, war and peace, as Kaylee Colton becomes the key to unlocking the secret of the hypnosis weapon.



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5-Star Reviews

“There is nothing about Transfixion that won’t excite you and keep you reading late into the night. So if you’re ready for an ‘end of days’ novel with a one-of-a-kind experience, I say you order now and buckle up.”

–Kimberly’s Book Spot

“This book was AMAZING! …I loved this story! It was action-packed, constantly moving, and definitely worth the read!”

–Reading My Reality

“Every so often, you read a book that makes you stay up till all hours of the morning just so you can finish it.  Transfixion  is that book.”

–Kelly Smith Reviews

“Loved it!!! I couldnt stop reading!!! …Fast paced page turner!!!!! Can’t wait to see more by this new author!!!!”

–Sharon Holland, Book Heathens 

“The plot was brilliant. Kaylee is both brave and resourceful, showing strong characterization. This book is well worth its price.”

–Book Mistress Blog

“With every specific detail mentioned and the variety of the characters this book is way more than one can think of. Truly one of the best reads I ever had.”

–Janak Mistry, Author of Journey in Time with Timeless Memories

Much thanks to readers for all your wonderful reviews!


……….In a world where reclusive Supernaturals are in touch with Dark Matter, the humans have spread out and claimed the earth. But with the ascendancy of Dragomir as Interim President of the Council of Power, everything is about to change.
……….Steven Arkin was human, but now he is the world’s only human-turned-Supernatural. Discovered in a car wreck by a radical physicist, Steve Arkin became the greatest “Lab Rat” our species has produced.
……….D’Andre Walkerten-years-old, spends his last days watching TV in the Bronx Children’s Hospital. But, when a rare incident appears on screen, he becomes involved. The collateral damage–a murdered baby–appears to implicate Supernaturals. Are they bad guys or heroes?
……….When D’Andre is randomly selected to meet Supernatural Steve Arkin  through the Wish to Dream Foundation, he speaks out about the baby in front of the world’s media, throwing Dragomir’s entire Supernatural New World Order into disarray.
……….The fate of the earth will be entirely up to Supernatural Steven Arkin.

Demigods is published through Indies United Publishing House LLC.

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……….A stolen joke pushes two stand-up comics into war, but the two must compete on a reality comedy TV show right to the breaking point.
……….Wrecking Balls recounts the legendary feud between stand-up comedians Charleston Cranston and Gary Giordano. Their controversy made headlines when an accusation of joke theft reverberated throughout the comedy community and ultimately escalated to violence.


“I freakin’ loved this book! …If you like comedy and comedic fiction, this is a must-read!”

-N.N. Light

“Giambrone has a way with words and telling a story, and this story works.”

Amy’s Bookshelf

“This is a great story following the battle to be top comedian. I really enjoyed it and recommend everyone checking it out.”

-JBronder Reviews 

“Joe Giambrone has crafted a compelling read that’s better than being seated at a live show.”

-Underground Book Reviews

“I recommend this book to anyone looking
for a good laugh.”

Theresa on Goodreads

“If you’re into comedy then this is definitely a book for you.”

-A Book’s Eternal Glory

“Clearly, if you think being funny is easy, you will be enlightened in ways you couldn’t imagine!”

Tome Tender Book Blog

“A must read for any adult readers out there interested in the behind the scenes aspect of stand up comedy, be prepared for a sometimes funny, sometimes dramatic and often vulgar filled adventure.”

Author Anthony Avina


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