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Set in the world of stand-up comedy, Charleston and Gary are on the verge of comic greatness: broke, wasted, and floundering through life. As Charleston turns 30 he faces an existential crisis. With his comedy career in the gutter, he considers leaving the life. That is until Gary pilfers one of his joke ideas. Then it’s comedy Jihad to the death, and there can be only one.

“Giambrone has a way with words and telling a story, and this story works.”

Amy’s Bookshelf

“This is a great story following the battle to be top comedian. I really enjoyed it and recommend everyone checking it out.”

-JBroder Reviews 

“I recommend this book to anyone looking
for a good laugh.”

Theresa on Goodreads

“If you’re into comedy then this is definitely a book for you.”

-A Book’s Eternal Glory

“Clearly, if you think being funny is easy, you will be enlightened in ways you couldn’t imagine!”

Tome Tender Book Blog

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Transfixion is a science fiction / action thriller.
Young Kaylee Colton’s life is shattered forever when society implodes around her. The world goes mad, and Kaylee may soon join in the madness. Surviving through a strange new kind of war, Kaylee becomes the key to saving everyone from the mysterious signal weapon.

5-Star Reviews:

“There is nothing about Transfixion that won’t excite you and keep you reading late into the night. So if you’re ready for an ‘end of days’ novel with a one-of-a-kind experience, I say you order now and buckle up.”

–Kimberly’s Book Spot

“This book was AMAZING! …I loved this story! It was action-packed, constantly moving, and definitely worth the read!”

–Reading My Reality

“Every so often, you read a book that makes you stay up till all hours of the morning just so you can finish it.  Transfixion  is that book.”

–Kelly Smith Reviews

“Loved it!!! I couldnt stop reading!!! …Fast paced page turner!!!!! Can’t wait to see more by this new author!!!!”

–Sharon Holland, Book Heathens 

“The plot was brilliant. Kaylee is both brave and resourceful, showing strong characterization. This book is well worth its price.”

–Book Mistress Blog

“With every specific detail mentioned and the variety of the characters this book is way more than one can think of. Truly one of the best reads I ever had.”

–Janak Mistry, Author of Journey in Time with Timeless Memories


Much thanks to readers for all your wonderful reviews!

Wrecking Balls

It’s a comedy novel.


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