Good Girls Revolt – My Review


Found this show after Amazon took it upon itself to sign me up for Prime Free Trial. There’s not a whole lot there to justify paying. This show was pretty exceptional for a few reasons.

It appears to be by Nora Ephron, as she’s a character in it. The scene is 1970 at a Life Magazine type newsroom. Many characters are threaded through, and it is well drawn and complex. There’s also plenty of screwing. Groovy, baby.

But the show is about sexism in the workplace. A thousand little moments create an atmosphere of male-dominated arrogance. The show directly concerns a lawsuit against the owners in order to force the magazine to allow women reporters. As it stands, they can only be research assistants with no byline credit. They are second-class workers whose ideas are routinely stolen, giving them no official credit.

Much of the sexism is subtle, and much is overt. There are myriad opportunities to show the thinking of the time, which contrasts significantly with modern workplaces I’ve been in.


There are also some charming characters, beautiful actresses, and workplace relationship complications that throw a monkey wrench into the main storyline. With the 5-star rating, Good Girls Revolt is no-doubt a hit with women.

And it never was renewed for a second season.


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