The White Queen S1 – My Review



Those creepy, bloodthirsty, white people.

This show is available on Amazon, and the second season appears to be up on Youtube. It reminded me of The Tudors, a similarly executed historical drama with copious amounts of copulation and beheading.

The White Queen tells the story of the first Queen Elizabeth, with the twist that she was a bit of a witch. The magic is included as legitimate, and apparently everyone at court believed it to be true.


They also changed loyalties like they changed socks. What stands out most is the utter absurdity of monarchy and feudalism. Every noble with some vague claim to royalty can raise an army of dumb grunts and march on the capital. Even one’s brothers are not above suspicion, and for good reason.

There are no good people in this history. There is, however, the female perspective, and that’s relatively new. Elizabeth is the main force and later her daughter Elizabeth becomes the focus. That royal blood convinces the rabble, ordained by God and all, that whatever whims the King may have for conquest must surely be God’s will.


There are other theocratic lunatics, a particularly nasty dutchess with a son who would also be King. Her machinations churn in the background for the entire season.

It’s a splendidly malevolent world. The show jumps ahead by months or a year to cut the boring bits and keep the drama boiling away.


Apparently there is no second season. Youtube lies.




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