Destroyer – My Review



A female-powered, gritty crime thriller.

This genre film made waves in the indie scene with Nicole Kidman like we’d never seen her before: brutal. It’s got a decent amount of realism and a surprise appearance, whom I didn’t even recognize, Tatiana, Orphan Black!

The whole world of the film seems like a 70s or 80s throwback. Imagery is good and dreamy. Nicole looks like shit with her aging/weathering makeup, but the film takes place in two time periods. Flashing back to the start, it’s Nicole again for real. The transformation is harrowing.


At its heart it’s a character-driven film, and that character is pretty flawed. The tone is serious throughout, and it does keep a steady pace with twists and reversals enough to keep you jumping. A female director and DP plus the women leading the narrative, this is kind of expected nowadays, but long overdue.

Definitely worth a watch. You had me at Nicole Kidman.



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