Summer ’19 Free #Movies Online (Part 3!!!)

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part one

part two


Yes. Just when you thought it was safe, but you forgot about Youtube.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Can a movie be so awful that it’s great? Well, can it? I’m not answering.


Perhaps it can, if Bill Murray takes us back to summer camp.

A Fish Called Wanda

Unfortunately, I just noticed it’s the “TV version.” That would be American TV, where all the fun is drained from an infantilized population.

The Terminator

He’s back.

Thelma & Louise

Kind of a feminist manifesto.

Troll Hunter

Greatest troll-hunting movie ever.


I was not entirely sold on this when I saw it in the theater. Oliver Stone can be pretty on-the-nose obvious in his screenwriting. He was there though.

There are also many swords and kung fu fights on offer.


I returned to Crackle and found a few more for your viewing pleasure.


James Cameron took on the Alien franchise with some, perhaps unconvincing, “space Marines.” There will be face-huggers.

The Craft

Doesn’t everyone find teen girls with witch powers interesting?

A Knight’s Tale

Cinematic perfection.


Sam Rockwell on the moon.

To Die For

Perhaps the greatest movie ever about the lust for fame. The time that Nicole Kidman blew my little mind.

Red Belt

Very smart movie about Jiu Jitsu.




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