Black Crab – Review

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This action-thriller seemed a bit gimmicky in concept–the ice skating team assault plot–but the ideas behind it still resonate.

Avoiding spoilers, there’s some good tactical combat. They took modern war seriously, and that mostly worked, not entirely. Noomi Rapace is intense and quite interesting to watch, especially given the confusing evolution of her character. It’s tense, and hard to predict.

Admittedly I didn’t know if it was a series or movie, given that it was a Netflix project, and that distracted me. But the payoff dinged.


The paranoia combined with the complete defeat and destruction of a country prompted extreme measures.

It’s a biological weapon. With the Ukraine/US biological weapons programs suspected by Russia, China and half the world, the chilling fictional version is hard to look away from. We never know much about the actual virus, but only that it holds the potential to turn the war around. This makes it powerful, and thus dangerous to all, the entire species.

I think I’ve written enough.

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